Roadhouse Restaurant Review

Dempsey Hill has always been one of my favourite places to go to… A former British Army Barrack site, in the centre of the city, right next to the Botanic Gardens, Romantic atmosphere and of course, Great Food!!!

Dempsey Hill houses quite a few restaurants I have been meaning to visit… Au Petit Salut, The White Rabbit and The Prime Society… But, this evening, I was craving a Burger, so we went to a well-known little Gourmet Burger Restaurant, Roadhouse!



One of the places to go for a good burger, if you do have the budget for dining there, the Burgers here don’t come cheap though… A cosy, little restaurant with rather limited seating and a small bar at the corner… Be prepared to wait though, especially on weekends!


Their Menu is American orientated and rather Straightforward, especially emphasising their well known Burgers… They also have a Build Your Own Burger section if you are feeling a little adventurous, if not, go for their tried and tested Burgers on the menu…


Their Kitchen is rather small though, but they have fitted a Josper-style Grill back there, promising juicy, tender Burgers!


If you are feeling Brave, or just Really Hungry, they have the Terminator Challenge! It is where you have to finish a 6 Patty Burgers with fries in a short, specified time… It is a bit like those Man Vs Food Challenges Adam Richmond used to take on. He has stopped by the way, before his heart explodes…


A Good Burger Restaurant must have more than a Good Burger, a Good Milkshake is also essential… Their Chocolate Milkshake ($10.00) didn’t disappoint though! Nice and Thick, with a strong Chocolate taste without the Milkshake tasting too sweet…


This is the Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($5.00) with Bacon bits. The pasta wasn’t too mushy, unlike the Mac and Cheese at Astons… But I would have preferred for them to back the Mac and Cheese until it has a crusty top, a pity though, if not, it could have been a great Mac and cheese!


This is the Bacon Marinated Burger ($26.00)… Ohhh, by the way, they also offer to switch out your regular Fries with Truffle Fries for $2… But I forgot to specify I wanted Truffle Fries to the waiter… Oh well… Anyway, back to the Burger, which I specified Medium and it came out closer to Medium Well… I will take it to be a technical error. Anyway, the Wagyu Burger itself was still rather tender and juicy, but the Bacon it came with wasn’t crispy. The onions were nicely caramelised though, and there was a strong taste of Bacon throughout the Burger without it being overpowering. The Regular Fries were quite hot and crispy, which is a relief honestly, when many places serve you cold fries… The coleslaw was too watery though!


This is the Fish N Chips in a Bun ($22.00)… Slightly disappointing though! The Fish had too much mayonnaise on it, and the batter wasn’t that crispy…

In conclusion, Roadhouse is a Burger Restaurant that promises Good Burgers, and from what I have tasted, they had their highs and lows, so it is slightly hard to judge them on thag statement really. Another thing, yoi might be thinking, how does this compare to the recently reviewed Fat Boy’s Burger Bar (Read that Review here!). Well, it wouldn’t exactly be fair to compare them, as they are in two different price zones… But, one thing that is fair to say, they both do a rather good Burger!

Overall Rating:8/10

Restaurant Info:
13 Dempsey Road


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