Sri Sun Prata Paradise Review

Prata… It is a dish that officially, originated in India, but I doubt the Indians eat more of it than us, Singaporeans these days. It is a very versatile meal, you can have it for Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper… All the meals! And of course, a cup of frothy Teh Tarik to go along with it…

Prata can be found just about everywhere in Singapore, and everybody has a different opinion on who’s prata is the best… My vote is for Thavesi in Jalan Kayu, and of course, many people will both agree and disagree with me… Nevertheless, I can’t keep going to Jalan Kayu whenever I have a prata craving… So I head to a Prata Shop 5 minutes away from my school called Sri Sun Prata Paradise.

People who come here don’t just come for the Prata, they also have Thosai, Murtabak, Nasi Lemak, Indian Rojak and much more… I am a regular patron here, and the Indian Uncle there knows me and my friends, so he usually would give us a discount… Therefore, the prices stated here are a rough estimate…


A regular drink of mine whenever I come here is the Ice Teh Tarik ($1.50). Teh Tarik means ‘Pulled Tea’, where the drink maker would pour the Tea into two cups, back and forth, while ‘pulling and stretching it’. This not only cools the Tea down to a drinkable temperature, but gives it a frothy texture, accustomed to Teh Tarik. I always go for it cold though, Singapore is hot enough… The Teh Tarik isn’t overly-sweet and has a nice balanced of taste and frothy-ness… I like it a lot…


First time trying this here, this is their Indian Rojak (about $1 a piece)… For those of you unfamiliar with it, Indian Rojak is a mixture of Fried items like Fish Cake, Potatoes, Tempeh and other crispy stuff, topped with cucumbers and onions, and served with a sweet and spicy sauce… The Rojak was so-so only in my mind… With only a few highlights on the plate like the potatoes and the Tempeh. The sauce was good though, balanced and not too spicy or sweet…


The Masala Thosai ($2.50) was nice, witht the potato mixture not overly-spicy… The curries provided though… Are substandard and too dilute…

Other things I have sampled before are the Nasi Lemak ($3.50), and of course, the Roti Prata ($1 for Plain, $1.40 for Egg)… The Nasi Lemak was lacking in coconut flavour and the fried chicken was dry… The Roti Prata is fluffy and not overly-sticky… But it tends to be a little cold as the Uncle makes the Roti Pratas in advance…

In conclusion, Sri Sun Prata Paradise hasn’t wowed me with their food, frankly… But, it is still a likable place to hang out with friends and the prices are quite reasonable… And I will return there… Considering the other food choices around my school…

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Sri Sun Prata Paradise
Block 822
Tampines Street 81


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