Alternate Review of Platypus Kitchen

(Written by Esh, a good friend of Donovan and a soon-to-be Ad-Hoc writer for Thecrazydonny)

The Platypus kitchen

When this restaurant was first recommended to me by Don, first thing he said was “they are known for serving the largest collection of homemade pasta”. A big claim for a fairly unheard of restaurant. So with a simple invite and a budget of $30, I decide to try it.

First thing you step up to the restaurant; it has a very pub like feel. Wooden tables, wooden wallpapers and stands. It felt very cozy and easy with a no rush and chilled vibe. Had decor all over the walls that resemble book shelves and really pinterest style ceiling lights. It really helped with the cozy vibe. Once at the entrance the staffs were quick to notice us and gave us a table. With the 3 meal course promo explained we trawled through the menu to decide what to get. Don decided to go with the 3 course combo; however I chose to go to for the ala carte options.

Items chosen
Don had chosen to go for the Lobster bisque, truffle mac and cheese and molten lava cake (which you can read about here) . I decided to go for a simple, traditional 63°c Carbonara and Pinot Grigio (white wine) to top it all off. You might be wondering why I chose to avoid the set menu. It’s pretty simple. I wanted to try the menu items that I felt sounded good and I knew would test the restaurants ability. What could be better than traditional carbonara?

The Carbonara!

(I mean look at it, a feast for the eyes!)

Well, carbonara, especially traditional ones, is really hard to get right. The egg needs to be runny and there must be no cream if it wants to remain traditional. It creamy texture needs to come from the combination of the cheese and runny egg. Well after mixing it all in, it was, to my surprise, good. The egg wasn’t runny and chunks of egg white stayed in a lump together. But it was smooth and the cheese mixed in perfectly. As you dig in, you can distinctly taste the bacon mixed and you will definitely notice the nice crunch they give to add a little texture to the pretty smooth pasta. To our enjoyment, even after all the linguine has been finished, there was enough sauce left behind for you to get a spoonful of the amazing sauce (even if it meant we looked like kids scraping sauce off the bowl, was just that good)!

Genuinely good bowl of pasta but it’s only flaw was the chunky egg.

The ‘molten’ lava cake


Well I would say this was a hit and a huge miss at the same time. Why you may ask? Well firstly, the molten lava cake wasn’t really molten. More like dormant to be honest. It was warm and creamy on the inside and oh so perfect. But it wasn’t warm enough to be runny. It just could not be called a lava cake. However in terms of taste, it had a nice bitterness from the chocolate, nothing too strong but enough to remind you it uses some dark chocolate. It wasn’t too sweet and overall it was a nice dose of chocolate to end the meal.

Secondly the vanilla ice cream was amazing but it was way too frozen and hard. It was difficult to eat and we had to cut it into smaller pieces in order to eat. There was also oreo crumbs added in that make a perfect, rough texture to compliment the smoothness of the ice cream. Was an extremely blissful taste in my mouth.

Would have been delightful, if both parts of the dessert had their intended textures. The pepero stick can be good or bad depending on how you view it.

The Pinot Grigio

It was a nice white wine, but wasn’t the best. It was semi dry and a little sweet. Was very nice however it was served too early and we could not enjoy through the meal. By the time I had my pasta, it had been out too long and got a little bitter. If it had been served later it would be perfect.

Service was good, staff were responsive and made no errors. They also greeted us and even took good humor to us fumbling with our cash. Was fairly satisfied with the whole experience.

Overall was a really good experience and would definitely go back again. Hopefully the small issues were one offs due to rush hour. Would give it 7 over cooked eggs out of 10!

Restaurant Info:
Platypus Kitchen
200 Victoria Street
#03-29 Bugis Junction


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