Platypus Kitchen Review

Bugis is probably one of the more ‘happening’ area in Singapore, with plenty of shopping and dining options. A popular place for youths to just ‘lepak’… Therefore, competition between restaurants is stiff here.


The Platypus Kitchen claims to have the biggest selection of handmade Pastas, which is a big claim, considering the number of Italian restaurants in Singapore. Nevertheless, with a huge claim like that, the ‘forever-curious-me’ has to check it out… Its Sister Restaurant, Lobster Shack, specialising in Lobster Roll… I have sampled the Lobster roll there, and it is so-so only… But it is at a reasonable price…



The decoration here is quite classy, with hanging bulbs and frames with awards and recognitions. The shelf on the wall is quite interesting though, with bottles on it…

I decided to go for the 3 course dinner, with the price starting at $28.90. My friend just had a Carbonara…


The Lobster Bisque (add $3) was a bit disappointing in my mind. The soup was too thin and had a grainy texture, and it had lumps of cheese mixed in which was slightly superficial… Also, the red strands on top aren’t saffron, they turned out to be the Lobster feelers… Yikes… No one wants to eat that…


The Carbonara with the 63°c Egg ($16.90) was quite good. Also, it is an authentic Carbonara, no Cream! Just egg, cheese and bacon. But sadly, the egg wasn’t runny, but the sauce it created was nice and creamy! The pasta was al-dente too, and the bacon wasn’t crispy.


This is the Truffle Mac and Cheese (add $2) made with truffle oil. The Macaroni was al-dente, but the bread crumbs weren’t that crispy. But luckily, the Truffle aroma and taste isn’t too strong. Really, it was the saving grace of the dish…


This is the Molten Lava Cake and Ice Cream (add $3). Unfortunately, the Molten Lava Cake wasn’t flowy AT ALL… But luckily, the inside was still warm and soft inside. Made with 70% dark chocolate, it wasn’t overly-sweet and the ice cream was quite good… The Pepero Stick was a bit superficial though… Unnecessary…


(Photo Credit to my friend, Esh) My friend ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio. I took a few sips, even though I shouldn’t… Oh well, YOLO! The wine was medium-bodied and slightly sweet… And it got slightly bitter overtime, especially after the Chocolate dessert… Not the best Wine reviewer around, Ahem…

In conclusion, Platypus didn’t quite excite me, and the food wasn’t the best I have tasted, compared to other Italian restaurants in Singapore. But, for a restaurant in Bugis, the price is quite reasonable and the food is not too bad. Nevertheless, I will be returning to sample the Lobster Rolls and Risottos, which are both one of my personal favourites…

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Platypus Kitchen
200 Victoria Street
#03-29 Bugis Junction


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