Tony Roma’s Restaurant Review

With 2 branches in Singapore, Tony Roma’s is one of the go-to places in Singapore for Ribs, Seafood and Steaks. A causal American Diner, most meat lover should be satisfied here with their food…



Their Menu is rather entensive, with plenty of Appetisers and Entrees to choose from, which comes from two sides. The sides are mostly classic American style sides like French Fries, Mashed Potato and Corn on the Cob.


Their Decoration is simple enough, a wide dining space, with tables and booths. The booths are my favourite dining place in the restaurant, with a cosy dim light hanging overhead and comfortable seats and a bit of privacy compared to open tables and chairs.


My meal started out with Bread, like any good restaurant would serve their diners. I am honestly, not a bread-snob who judges a restaurant only by their bread, but I rather enjoyed it. It was warm and soft, but the crust was slightly tough though… I just tear off the crust honestly…

I also had the Side Caesar Salad ($6.90) which was simple enough, with Croutons, Parmesan and Dressing. Slightly overdressed in my mind and too much cheese…


A must order here at Tony Roma’s, their Onion Loaf ($10.90). It is similar to Onion Rings, except the onions are baked together like a loaf. Nice and crispy, but the batter might get soggy after a while, and the BBQ sauce was too tangy for my taste…


A familiar dish in many restaurants, it is the Spinach Artichoke Dip ($14.90) served with Corn Chips, sour cream and salsa. The Dip was made with a mixture of cheeses and artichoke hearts, it was slightly salty and tangy, a nice dip for the crispy corn chips!


What’s Tony Roma’s without their Ribs? This is the Half-Rack San Louis Style Ribs with Bourbon BBQ sauce, FOC as my Dad just renewed his Membership to Tony Roma’s. The Ribs were flavourful, but I still think the restaurant Chili’s does more tender ribs, oh well… You need to strike a balance, right? The Ranch Style Beans are one of my favourite sides here, with a slight bite to the beans, and the sauce is slightly tangy and smokey…. Delicious!


This is the Pulled Pork Sliders ($16.90) with French Fries and Salad. The Pulled Pork was tender but slightly dry, and the Fries were Homemade, as you can see the skin on them… Much better than McDonalds Fries… Haha!


This is their USDA Certified Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($36.90). As a self-proclaimed Steak Connoisseur, I am very critical about the Steaks I eat, down to the last detail. Slightly too thin and under-seasoned, the Steak also had quite a lot of Tendons in it… I have tasted better Steaks for close to $40… A slight disappointment really….

We also had the Grilled Pork Chop ($27.90) which we ended up taking it away… Slightly dry but flavourful due to marinate on the Pork…


In Conclusion, Tony Roma’s has been a restaurant to go to for American style Ribs, and there are many rivals like Chili’s giving them a run of their money. But with the long queues outside both branches, they are definitely making money and people definitely enjoy their food… Honestly, I do too…

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Tony Roma’s
Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard


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