Fat Boy’s Burger Bar Review

Normally, when it comes to Burgers in Singapore, it is pretty much divided into 3 categories of Burgers. At the bottom, is the burgers from Macdonalds and Burger King, under $10, and good for a quick bite. At the Top, is the Gourmet Burgers over $20 from places like Roadhouse and the MBS restaurant DB Bistro by Daniel Boulud, made with top quality Beef and ingredients…

In the middle of the two categories, sits Burger places like Fat Boy’s and Bergs costing between $10 to $20… This Burger places are frankly ideal for me to satisfy a Burger Craving and not break the bank…


Fat Boy has been around for a while now, and they have 4 branches across the Island. They are best known for their BYOB Burgers, Milkshakes and their extensive list of Alcohol…. Their Decoration has actually quite ‘Loud and In your Face’ with all kinds of funny drawings and their BYOB Burger Menu stuck on the wall.


This is their Speciality Malt Chocolate Milkshake ($8.80). I really liked it! It was nice and thick, yet not overly sweet! You can also customise it by adding things like Nutella and Oreo for extra charges.


Now, this is their Best-Selling Burger, the Wimpy Burger ($15.00) with Beef. It is a single patty version of their famous double patty, Fat Basterd Burger. Nevertheless, it is topped with Bacon, Fried Egg and Cheese. Now, Fat Boy’s only uses Chilled Australian Chuck Temder and it was not very juicy, but quite tender. There are few problems though, the Bacon wasn’t crispy, the Fried Egg wasn’t runny, one thing I look for in a Burger with egg is the runny egg yolk running through the burger, creating a sauce… Also, the French Fries were soggy and slightly cold… A real sticking point with me…


This is the Shroom Burger ($13.00) was comes with a Shitake Mushroom and Swiss Cheese. The Mushroom was slightly chewy and the fries had the same problem…


Now, Fat Boy’s is more than just Burgers… They also serve dishes like Fish and Chips ($14.50). The same problems with the fries, but the fish was tender, but the batter was slightly soggy and falling off.

In conclusion, Fat Boy’s didn’t serve me the Best mid-range Burger I ever tasted, and the service was rather poor and slow. Nevertheless, the burgers were slightly above average, and if they work on improving the small little things like their Fries, they might go far and wide soon…


Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Fat Boy’s
465 Joo Chiat Rd


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