The Bravery Cafe Review

With so many different cafes sprouting out at different estates all around Singapore, the best way to sample all the cafes in one area is going ‘cafe-hopping’! But unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of time or even the money to do that currently…

But, I still love to go and try different cafes for Breakfast… And while driving through the Jalan Besar area this morning… We came across a little hipster cafe called… The Bravery!


The Bravery is not an easy cafe to find… With its plain entrance and no signboard, it sorts of blends into the background… But inside, there is communal dining tables with an open kitchen/counter. The decoration itself is very simple and rustic as well.


I honestly, don’t really agree on judging a cafe by its food… I prefer to judge a cafe by its coffee. The food can be the best in Singapore, but if their coffee is just brown water… They shouldn’t be called a cafe…

But The Bravery impressed me with their Cappuccino ($4.50), not only did it look GOOD, but it tasted creamy and slightly bitter, with a nutty aftertaste… DELICIOUS COFFEE!


This is the Bagel Set ($14.00), which comes with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a green salad. Unfortunately, they ran out of Bagels when I went, so they recommended me their Sourdough Bread instead. Nevertheless, this was an amazing dish! The sourdough bread was well toasted and crusty, and it came with 2 sticks of butter which wasn’t overly-salty. The scrambled egg… Absolutely creamy and delicious! I believe only the french method of cooking scrambled eggs, over a water bath, is capable of making such creamy and luscious egg! Definitely one of the best scrambled eggs I have ever tasted, here in a little cafe! The Smoked Salmon was good, but didn’t have a strong smokey flavour that I look for in Smoked Salmon. The greens were nice and fresh, and it came with a slight drizzle of balsamic vinegar, one of my personal favourites!


The Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($14.00) is worth a try too. A sizable portion, and inside lay Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon wrapped in multi-grain bread, I definitely enjoyed it.


Now, this is the dish that I always have high standards for in restaurants and cafes, the Pancake Stack ($15.00) that comes with Bananas and Ricotta Cheese. The Pancakes had near perfect consistency, being fluffy and soft, and they were generous with their Bananas and Maple Syrup. For Pancake lovers out there, this is a must-try for you!

In conclusion, this cafe has met my expectations for both good coffee and food. But, it is definitely not a cheap cafe to visit. But nevertheless, with its location next to the Jalan Besar Stadium and near lots of backpackers hostel, the cafe should do well. Hopefully, the next time I return to The Bravery, I would be able to have their Bagel Set with the Bagel!!!

Overall Rating:8/10

Restaurant Info:
The Bravery Cafe
65 Horne Road


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