Eighteen Chefs Review

A Student meal is always one that Students always keep their eyes and ears open for. Be it a short 1-hour break or an early release from School, students are always hunting down the best places to eat. But, one problem is seems to plague many restaurant’s student deals, is their difficulty to find a balance between value, portion and quality…

Being a Secondary school student in the east, there is plenty of choices around for me to choose from, be it of walking distance from school or a few MRT stops away.


One of my favourite places to go is Eighteen Chefs at Eastpoint in Simei! Eighteen Chefs is a concept by Chef Benny who hires mostly ex-convicts who wants to be given a second chance. Not only that, they serve western food at affordable prices and they have branches all across Singapore!

They are mostly known for their Heart Attack Fried Rice and their Cheese-Baked Rice. They also offer an all-day student’s meal offer of Cheese-Baked Rice from $6.40 onwards, with a scoop of Ice-Cream and their famous Homemade Ice Lemon Tea.


Their famous Homemade Ice Lemon Tea comes with the Student Meal. Nothing to shout about, it tastes like normal Ice Tea, and I had to stab the slice of lemon to impart some flavour.


Their famous Cheese-Baked Rice! I ordered mine with Double Cheese, a creamy white sauce, with Chicken Sausage and an additional order of Sliced Beef! In total, my order was about $10. The Double Cheese means an addition of nacho cheese. I’ll be honest, the Cheese-Baked Rice was one of the best I have ever tasted, especially with the extra Cheese!!! But, the Beef slices were a bit tough, and the Baking only occured at surface-level. That means, the rice was just lukewarm…


The Ice-Cream was Cookies and Cream, which changes daily. The Ice-Cream was just fine, but compared to other Ice-Creams on offer on other days, it is quite good… Yup, sometimes, their Ice-Cream is quite crappy…

In conclusion, Eighteen Chefs is able to draw the line between quality, value and portion… And it will remain on my list of best Student Meals in the east!

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Eighteen Chefs
3 Simei Street 6
Eastpoint Mall #01-12


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