Ramen Champion Review

Everybody is entitled to their opinion… So they say… But one of the hottest topics debated currently (apart of Amos Yee…) is where is the best Ramen in Singapore? I have mostly kept myself out of the debate… As I judge every Ramen I try through its taste without prejudice… And therefore don’t really have a favourite… But I do believe the key to a good Ramen is in the broth and Pork! Also, a interesting concept of Ramen stalls has been around in Singapore for a while… It is called Ramen Champion!


The idea is there are a few Ramen Stalls inside this restaurant, and customers can choose and vote for their favourite Ramen in there, and the winners are chosen quarterly each year. There are a few branches in Singapore, but since I live in the east, I went to the one at Terminal 3 Changi Airport. image image At the entrance, you are given a little card that acts as a Credit Card, in which the stalls charge your Ramen to it, then you pay for it at the Cashier. When you order the Ramen, you will be given a little beeper that will light up and vibrate when your Ramen is ready. image This Ramen is from the Buta God stall, and it is their speciality, called God Ramen ($16.00). The egg was soft boiled, and mixing it into the oh-so DELICIOUS and thick Tonkotsu broth, it was one of the best Tonkotsu broth I ever tasted! Coupled with the generous amount of Pork Belly and Bamboo Shoots, it was one of the best Ramens I ever tasted! image It is the Pork Katsu Curry Rice ($11.80) from the Keishoken Stall. A bit of a disappointment, the curry was lacking in flavour and spiciness, and was too dilute. The Pork Katsu was also a bit tough. image This is the Special Black Garlic Ramen ($16.80) from Tonkotsu Ikkyu. Now, this stall has received many awards from Ramen Champion for its Ramen. But, its speciality, the Black Garlic Ramen, was lacking in the Black Garlic taste and aroma. The Cha-Siu though, was very lean and sliced thinly, which wasn’t overly chewy…. In conclusion, the Ramen Scene here in Singapore is hotting up, and if you are a Ramen fanatic, you should give yourself a chance to try every Ramen Stall in Ramen Champion and cast your vote for your favourite… Who knows? Your favourite Ramen could be the winning one!

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Ramen Champion
65 Airport Boulevard #B2-58
Terminal 3 Singapore Changi Airport S819663


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