Sushi Tei Review

Regular readers of my blog and close friends should know that I have a fanatical love of almost all things Japanese (hint, hint…😆), including obviously, Japanese food!

Now, there are many Japanese Restaurants out there serving delicious Japanese food to suit all tastes and budgets, ranging from Umi Sushi to Waku Ghin. Now, the restaurant I have just visited for dinner has outlets all over Singapore, and any Japanese food lover should have visited it once. Yup, I am talking about Sushi Tei!


It has been a while since I have been to Sushi Tei, and when I go, I normally visit the outlet at Cross Street, near Chinatown, close to Aglio Olio and Koji Sushi Bar. All things considered, Sushi Tei serves up Japanese food at rather wallet-friendly prices, and compared to Japanese Chain Restaurants like Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei beats it hands down!


To start off, I ordered the Anago Sushi ($6.90), which was a oversized piece of Sea Eel. Slightly pricey, but the Anago was sweet and tender, and it is a premium product. No need to dip this into soy sauce, it is fine on its own, trust me…


Of course, what is Japanese food without Sashimi? On the left, there is the Otoro ($28.80) which is the Tuna Belly. On the right, there is the Mekajiki ($10.80) which is Swordfish. Now, firstly you must be thinking, ‘Almost $30 for a few slices of Tuna???’ Now, speaking about that Tuna, it comes from the highly-prized Bluefin Tuna. It is a species of Tuna in which the IDIOTS at Greenpeace classified as endangered in 2010, and predicted it would be gone by 2013…. Well, it is 2015, and it is now currently classified as ‘a species of concern’… The fishing stocks didn’t depleted to conserve the Tuna… It was still ‘Overfished’ in the past few years… Hmmm, is there a better way to describe the Idiots at Greenpeace? I know! They are a bunch of greenish, sandal-wearing ‘bullshiters’ who cry whenever a leaf falls from a tree… Don’t get me wrong though, I am all for saving the environment, I support Environment activists groups like Sea Shepherd, but I swore to never support those idiots at Greenpeace. Anyway, I really got off topic, didn’t I? Anyway, the Tuna Belly was just so soft and tender, and it practically melted in my mouth, delicious! And the swordfish had a great texture and bite to it, both my favourite Sashimis!


A must order at Sushi Tei, the Ikura Chawanmushi ($7.90)! The egg is smooth and is full of ingredients and flavour, while the Ikura just adds a whole new depth of taste when you mix it into the Chawanmushi… Need I say more?


This is the Kaisen Kimchi Nabe ($18.80) which is a Kimchi Hot Pot with Crab Legs and some vegetables. The broth itself was too spicy for me, and the natural sweetness of the Crab was gone… Also, below is the half-eaten Tekka Maki ($5.40) which comes in 6 pieces, nothing to shout about, the Tuna inside was slightly chewy though.


Now… This is the Kagoshima Katsu Don ($13.80) which is pricer than the normal Pork Katsu Don, but it is made with Kagoshima Pork which has an amazing sweetness to it! Combine that with the egg, onion and rice… You got yourself one of the best Katsu Don I ever tasted… Here in Sushi Tei!

I also tried the Aji Hiraki ($15.00) which is Mackerel, and the Hamachi Kama Shio ($14.80) which the Yellowtail Collar. Both were whacked before a photo could be taken, nevertheless, both were tender and tasty, but don’t overdo it with the slice of lemon given, it will cut the natural flavour of the fish.

In conclusion, in Singapore there are the Japanese restaurants that are fine, and those that are great. I believe Sushi Tei sits in between both categories, but I am reluctant to say more, as there are many more Japanese Restaurants waiting to be tasted by me…

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Sushi Tei
20 Cross Street
China Square Central #01-28/30


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