Peperoni Pizzeria Review

Normally on a very special day like Mother’s day, the restaurants all across the country will be packed and reserved well ahead for celebrations. But, this wasn’t the case this evening as my family and I went down to Suntec City for dinner, the restaurants and the shopping centre itself wasn’t overly-packed, and the queue was short for our restaurant of choice when we go to Suntec City, Peperoni.


Peperoni is a very famous Italian Restaurant in Singapore, part of the Les Amis Group, with 5 branches across the country. All of which seems to be always packed full of people dying to eat their Pastas and Pizzas, and I am no exception…



The Restaurant has some very simple Decorations, with some pictures of Italy and writings on the wall, as seen from the picture above…


Their Pizzas are made in an open kitchen next to the entrance, and the oven is actually wood-fired, and is one of the few remaining restaurants in Singapore still using Wood-fired ovens. But unfortunately, it is very hard to tell apart gas and wood fired Pizzas, still at least the novelty and idea of authentic Wood-fired Pizzas is there…


This is the Mozzarella Fasciata Con Prosciutto ($18.00)which is pan-fried mozzarella wrapped with parma ham. A delicious dish in my mind, the saltiness of the Mozzarella and the savoury flavour of the Parma Ham really complements each other! Along with the sweetness of the drizzle of Vinegar, this was just plainly amazing!


The simplest pasta dish of them all, the Aglio Olio e Peperoncino ($18.00) which is just Spaghetti with sliced garlic & red chilli in olive oil. Slightly too spicy in my opinion, but overall, a balanced dish all around. It also had a good, shiny coating of Olive Oil!


Those of you who are fans of Garfield should need no introduction to this dish! This is the Lasagna ($22.00) which is baked flat pasta sheets, minced beef, béchamel and tomato sauce. They were generous with their Tomato Sauce and Cheese, but there was a slightly burnt top to the lasagne, but below it, wad the delicious layers of pasta, cheese, and minced beef, which was frankly quite irresistible to me!

We also tried the Pesto Pasta ($19.00) which had a sauce made from pine nuts, basil & garlic. It didn’t wow me as the Pesto taste wasn’t strong enough for me, oh well…


Now, this is the one of the main reasons you come to Peperoni, the Pizzas! This is the 9-inches Prosciutto Crudo di Parma ($19.00), which is a classic Pizza,  topped with Parma ham & rocket salad. The Pizza itself was airy and crispy, which I absolutely loved! Topped with Classic Parma Ham and Rocket with both complemented each other, what more can you ask for in a pizza???? Also, if you are REALLY hungry, they will also do a Gigantic 21-inch Pizza ($50.00) which  can feed a whole family!

In conclusion, good Italian food does not only exist at high-end, non-chain Italian Restaurants at exorbitant prices, Peperoni is the Go-To place for good Italian food at reasonable prices. You can also order takeaways or even deliveries if you live near their branches. At times, you may have to queue and wait for a long time, and they are quite usually understaffed, but trust me, forget Pizza Hut, this place is much better!

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Peperoni Pizzeria
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City B1-130


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