Imperial Treasure Review

Whenever my extended family is celebrating a occasion like a Birthday or special event, we will all have a big meal. Our meet-ups usually are once a month, held at my aunt’s condominium or at a restaurant. If we are holding the event at a restaurant, we would more often than not, go to Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine at Great World City. I have been there around 10 times, but it is the first time I am writing about it. Yes, my family frequents Imperial a lot, because my aunt is a regular, and most of the managers know us, and that comes with certain perks that I will explain later…


However, before I start, I actually forgot to take photos of most (or even all of the food), but please bear with me as I do my best to talk about the highlights from the menu. During Lunch, Imperial offers a ‘Tim-Sum’ menu, and during our dinner, we went with the regular menu. Oh, before I forget, we went there to celebrate my Grandma’s Birthday and my aunt’s wedding anniversary!

So, some Highlights from the Menu, there is the cold roe Crab ($10 per 100g). The crab has been chilled after cooking to give it a firmer texture, and there were a lot of roe in the crabs and they crack it up for you. A simple, unadulterated way of eating crabs, and a rather delicious one.

Then there is the Roasted Duck ($66.00), which beats any Roast Duck Rice at the coffeeshops. Amazingly crispy skin, tender and juicy meat…. What else can you ask for from Roast Duck???

Of course, there is the Black Pepper Beef ($42.00). Simply seasoned generously with Black Pepper and stir-fried with onions, the Beef was EXTREMELY TENDER AND JUICY, and slightly bloody in the middle (I understand you can request what temperature you like your beef, we had it medium, I believed)

Another notable mention is the Fried Glutinous Rice ($30.00) or ‘Lor Mai Fan’ to the Cantonese, it is sticky rice fried with egg, sausages and mushrooms. Despite the rice being slighty tough, it was great flavour and if you are a Glutinous rice fan like me, it is worth a try…

As it was a Birthday Celebration, Imperial arranged for a plate Longevity Buns or ‘Shou Bao’. It is a bun with a lotus paste filling, meant to be eaten on a Birthday to increase Longevity, I had from young, acquired a taste of these buns, and I eat a lot of them…. Hmmm… Am I gonna be an immortal since I ate so many of them???


Remember I told you about the perks we get when we go to Imperial? Well, we get FREE DESSERT…. (Disclaimer: I was impartial about the desserts) They have a wide range of classic Cantonese desserts, and I tried both the Mango Sago and the Durian Pudding. The Mango Sago was my favourite of the two, nice and sweet, with the natural taste of the mango retained. But, in the durian pudding, I tasted a tainted flavour of durian which I didn’t really care for….



I got to drink a glass of favourite Moscato Dessert Wine. 5% Alcohol, so it is not too strong, and it is a great digestive to end a heavy meal or to pair with desserts.



As I said, it was my Grandma’s Birthday, and my Godmother got a chocolate cake from Polar. It was ok, it didn’t blow my mind like a Chocolate Origin Chocolate cake (which by the way, I maintain is THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE IN SINGAPORE!!!!)

I don’t know if I can comment about the service standard as we are sort of V.I.Ps in a private room with waiters on standby and managers checking in on us very often. But, I doubt the service standard at Imperial shouldn’t be that far off from what I experienced though.

In conclusion, if you are feeling slightly rich and have a craving for good old Chinese food such as Tim-Sum and Cantonese dishes, skip Crystal Jade, in my opinion, Imperial Treasure is just slighty better….

Overall Rating:8.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#02-06 Great World City


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