Ambush Restaurant Review

If you go into town these days to find a restaurant for dinner, if your family is anything like mine, you guys will have a hard time deciding where to eat. Maybe one of you wants to eat Italian, another wants French, another wants German, British or even Spanish!


Well, there are plenty of restaurants that offer fusion western cuisine by having Italian, French, Spanish, British and German, so everybody can have the cuisine of their choice…


But, if you know food like I do, these restaurants are likely not to have the same standards in, let’s say in pasta, compared to Authentic Italian Restaurants like Peperoni and Modesto… But nevertheless, while strolling past the Buffet Restaurant One Market by Chef Wan, we came across Ambush, a Fast Causal European Restaurant, we decided to give it a try.


Starting off with Escargots ($8.50) which is actually snails for the confused readers among you. Many people are put off by Escargots, thinking that these snails are the kind you see everywhere in Singapore trying to cross a palkway, but these snails are ALMOST always from France, raised in a greenhouse, fed organic vegetables. The Escargot wasn’t too gamey, but lacked the garlic taste I tend to associate with Escargot.


The Ambush Paella ($16.80) was not bad, it didn’t have a overpowering taste of tomatoes which I loath in a Paella, but the rice was slightly mushy, and the seafood was just fine, nothing to shout about.


The Foie Gras Risotto ($21.50) was the dish that really captured my attention. In case you didn’t know, my FAVOURITE Italian dish is actually Risotto, whenever I go to nice Italian Restaurant, I make a point to try their Risotto Al Porcini, which basically means Mushroom Risotto. I often come across restaurants offering Tomato-based Seafood Risotto or Squid Ink Risotto, but I often give it a miss. These flavours are often too overpowering in a Risotto, and in a simple Mushroom Risotto, overcooked or undercooked rice or mushroom can’t hide. But, I also LOVE Foie Gras, so I decided to give this dish a try. This Risotto came out fast, a little too fast if I am honest, a risotto from scratch takes about 20 minutes, and this came out in 10, which hints to pre-cooking…. Anyway, the Risotto itself was slightly overcooked with a few odd ingredients like Artichokes and tomatoes present, and it had a liquid sauce at the corner which didn’t sit well with me. The Foie Gras didn’t wow me either, no Umami bomb in my mouth while eating it.


The Oktober Fest (17.80) was a German mix of meat, a Pork Knuckle with Sausages. The pork Knuckle was a bit dry, and the skin was hard without it being crispy or crackling. The Sausage was just fine as well, although it tasted slightly processed.

We also had the Fish and Chips ($18.50) which had the ever-popular Truffle Fries. The Fish itself had a very odd-tadting batter which became soggy and fell off after a while, while the Truffle Fries had almost no taste of Truffle, sad really….

In conclusion, my slight prejudice against these ‘Mixed Western’ Restaurants sadly, still stand. However I still hope that one day, a Restaurant making these European food will have a good food standard, good enough to compete with the Specialised Italian and French Restaurants…

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura #04-64/66


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