Gayatri Restaurant Review

It has been a while since I have done a food review… Mainly because I haven’t really dined at any restaurant that I feel is review-worthy. But, after a quick poll in the car this evening about where to go for dinner, we ended up at Little India at this India Banana Leaf Rice Restaurant called Gayatri.


I have been to Gayatri a few times before, but the last visit was probably 6 months ago… Before I even started this blog, but my family’s love for Indian Food started long
ago. Anyway, this Indian restaurants like Gayatri and the more famous Banana Leaf Apollo are commonly known as Banana Leaf Rice or Fish Head Curry restaurants for rather obvious reasons, delicious and spicy ones…


Walking in, the restaurant boasts a classical Indian touch with an amazing collection of wine displayed at the centre of the Restaurant. Right at the end of it though, sits an open Kitchen, and as you can see in the picture, a display of their various meats, curry and fishes they offer, so I would skip the menu they hand to you on a tablet, and just order from the display.


Of course, all good Indian Meals start with a serving of Poppadoms, an Indian crispy shell with Indian herbs. The poppadoms were nice and crispy, a great way to start a meal that would eventually burn a hole right through me…


Of course, the star of any good Indian Restaurant, the Fish Head Curry ($23.00). This was the large version, and it came with  giant fish head swimming in a pot of SPICY curry, with some Okra and Pineapples. The gish itself was nice and tender, and the spiciness penetrated the fish meat well, maybe a little too well…


At this Restaurant, your choice of carbs is quite extensive, you can have Briyani ($4.00) or plain Rice ($3.00) with 2 vegetable side dishes, or some Garlic Naan like my Dad, or even Thosai. The Briyani was nice, dry and fragrant, but it wasn’t the best briyani I ever tasted.



We ordered quite a few side dishes, but I am just going to list the highlights. On the top, there is the Chicken Masala ($6.50) and Mutton Mysore ($7.00),both were sort of, dry roasted meats in curry. The chicken was a bit dry and tough for me, but the Mutton was the better of the two, being quite tender… And spicy at the same time, both delicious and burning… On the bottom, there is the Butter Chicken ($8.50) and Paneer Butter Masala ($7.50), both of which wowed me! The butter Chicken was sweet, tender, not too spicy. The Paneer is actually a cottage cheese which has a mild cheese taste, with a bit more bite, I absolutely loved it, and the masala was nice and sweet with the curry. Other worthy highlights are the Gobi Fry ($5.50), which is fried Cauliflower with herbs and spices, which is definitely worth the try, crispy on the outside, and still a bit soft on the inside.

In conclusion, I stepped out of the restaurant with my mouth on FIRE!!! But, any Indian food or just Spicy food lover should give this place a try, and I think Gayatri can go toe to toe with the more famous and crowded Banana Leaf apollo down the street.

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Gayatri Restaurant
122 Race Course Road


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