Aglio Olio Restaurant Review

I noticed not too long ago that, despite my love for italian food, steak, fine dining, I hardly write about them. Well, I did want to write about my experience at Taiwan’s Best Restaurant, Le Mout, but I never got to it, and now I forgot 80% of my memories there, oh well!

But coming back to Italian Food and steak, I haven’t gotten a chance to eat at these restaurants for the past few months. But yesterday, while strolling past Cross street for a place to eat dinner with my parents , we chanced upon a restaurant called Aglio Olio (which means a style of cooking pasta simply with just garlic and olive oil).


They claim to be the ‘Singaporean Version of pasta’, and we were intrigued by the statement, and the fact that my Mum LOVES Aglio Olio pasta, X-tra spicy! So, we decided to give it a try.


Onion Ring
My love for Onion Ring forced me to order this! Battered and deep-fried, it was quite crispy and hot when served, but the problem with it, weirdly, is the onion! It had a mushy texture, which indicates that the onion was blended or finely chopped, losing the bite I look for in the Onion in a good Onion Ring.


Baked Mussels
This was ok, I guess. The mussels weren’t overcooked and it is coated with a generous serving of cheese. But, as expected when baked, it lost its natural sweetness.


Squid Ink Pasta with Seafood
I have this, rather odd, love for Squid Ink in my Pasta or Risotto. It is off-putting to many people, due to its black colour, its sometimes fishy taste, or the fact it stains your lips, teeths and clothes! I don’t care though, as good Squid Ink has a creamy, fishy taste that is non-existent anywhere else. But, I was rather disappointed with my pasta! The pasta was cooked al-dente, but the Squid Ink sauce was just salty, hardly any proper taste you get from good Squid Ink sauce! It did stain my teeth though, haha!

If I am not wrong, my Dad and Mum has Aglio Olio and Tomato Base pasta respectively, both had nothing to shout about either…


Forest Mushroom Pizza
A huge quantity of Cheese and Mushrooms on the thin crust pizza, but the actual crust was slighty soggy from the cheese and it couldn’t take the weight of the pizza. So, I had to eat it by lowering it into my mouth from above my head, haha! The pizza itself wasn’t that nice either!

After all you have just read, you must be thinking, ‘Wow! It is a rather terrible restaurant’ and you are not wrong, but not entirely correct either. It was not my best Italian food experience, but it is one I won’t be happy to repeat in a long time….
(Editor’s note: A really backdated post and sorry for not recording the prices down)


Restaurant Info:
Aglio Olio
3 Pickering Street
China Square Central,
Singapore 048660


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