Chabuton Ramen Review

A really backdated post, Sorry! Aiya anyway,there was such a heavy downpour in Singapore on Boxing Day, depressing isn’t it? Stuck at Han’s sipping tea, staring at the rain and pedestrians running about, trying to cross the road…


Anyway, in my never-ending search in Singapore for the best ramen, me and my parents ended up at Chabuton Ramen at Tampines 1 after catching the new movie at Century Square, Night At The Museum 3 Secrets of the Tomb, which was awesome, by the way.

I stepped into Chabuton hungry and with high expectations, as it has been crowned the King of Ramen by a TV show. It was also the first Ramen restaurant ever to be featured in the michelin guide. With that being said, after I stepped out of the restaurant, I was slightly disappointed.

Me, my mum and dad all had the lunch set ($11.90)(if I am not wrong!) which consists of a mini Ramen, one side dish and one dessert.


My chosen side dish was fried Oyster, Tonkatsu style. It was rather crispy on the outside, but rather dry inside compared to other fried Oysters I have tasted at other Japanese Restaurants, which may point to it being overcooked. My mum ordered the oyster as well, but my dad, not a fan of seafood ordered the Gzoka, a fried japanese dumpling. It was ok paired with the vinegar, but I did find the skin of the dumpling too soft and thick, making it hard to digest.


Now for the Ramen! I had the original Junior Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen. The noodles were springy and broth had a strong pork bone flavour, but I found the char siu not tender enough and the bamboo shoots lacking a slight crunch. You may say I am nitpicking at the ‘highly-recommended’ ramen, but with so many good Ramen Restaurants out there, it is hard to separate them. Therefore, in my never-ending search for the beat ramen, I expect perfection in the bowl, down to the bamboo shoots on the side.


Now, down to desserts. The choices for dessert were 2 Peanut or Red Bean Mochi ball or a Japanese jelly that I can’t remember the name of. I traded one of my peanut for one of my dad’s red bean mochi, hence the picture. The peanut mochi was the better of the two, with a slight sweetness and crunch from the crushed peanut inside. The red bean filling was just sweet and pasty, which contributed to the over-stickiness of the mochi balls.

In conclusion, Chabuton may have been called the King of Ramen and featured in the michelin guide, it certainly did not really leave up to its name.

Overall rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1 #02-09/10
Singapore 529536
6854 0335


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