Ajisen Ramen Review

With so many ramen stalls in Singapore, it can be very difficult to choose which ramen stall to go and eat, in bugis itself, there is the famous Ramen Champion which houses my favourite Ikkousha Stall, which has won the best Ramen in Ramen Champion before!

Even down the road, there is Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King which has rather good Tonkotsu Ramen, but you would have to queue for a while at lunch and dinner time. Those people in the know would remember the first famous Ramen stall that opened in Singapore, Ajisen Ramen. I used to love to eat Ramen there as it reminded me about my trip to Japan, running about, trying delicious ‘hole-in-the-wall’ Ramen stalls.

Now, with so many different Ramen Stalls in Singapore, I honestly that Ajisen was just the trend setter, but couldn’t compare to all the new kids on the block. But, while meeting with my friend that Bugis Junction, he insisted on eating at Ajisen Ramen….. So I decided to give it a try. At Ajisen, they had a lunch set of Ramen, side dish and a drink for about 10.90++ to 17.90++ depending on what ramen you order.


I had the Cha Siu Ramen with Gyoza and Ice Lemon Tea ($10.90++). Honestly, the ramen itself was rather nice, with tender slices of cha siu, but it had a slightly flat broth, it didn’t have a strong pork bone flavour and the noodles weren’t very springy and quite soft, which tells me it was a bit overcooked, but still, I am sure it was just a minor oversight. My friend had the seafood Ramen, which came with crab sticks, which in my mind, was not a good thing to do, as it shows that they dont prepare crab meat, and they rather pass it off as crab sticks.

The Gyoza I had was slightly soggy, which shows it was probably pre-cooked and left out too long. It came with a sweet-Spicy Chilli Sauce which I didn’t care for. Come on, where is the vinegar???

In conclusion, Ajisen did set the trend for Ramen in Singapore, but it definitely did not set the benchmark for taste, and with a price of $13++ on average for a Ramen, it is no cheaper than its far superior rivals.

Overall Rating:6/10

Restaurant Info:
Ajisen Ramen
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street #01-01
Singapore 188021


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