My Name is Donovan Foong, and I just started this WordPress to write about some random stuff…I don’t know….HAHAHA!

I honestly really like to write, sometimes a bit too much, so you might find my posts get a bit too long winded.

But first, a little intro of myself! Like I said, my name is Donovan Foong and I live in Singapore. I grow a year older on November 13….. and I LOVE to Cook and Eat!!! In view of that, I will be writing a lot about food, but I am no food expert, so don’t expect expert opinions, but I can assure you that my food reviews will be fair and unbiased. Also, don’t expect any alcohol reviews as I am not of legal age to drink yet, but I might enquire with my father and sister about certain alcoholic drinks and write about it here.

I also love Cars and watch a lot of Top Gear and I like to keep myself up to date with Car news, so I would be writing a lot about cars.

Other things I might write about are my travels, current affairs (but NO POLITICAL VIEWS! I HATE POLITICS) and other random stuff that come to mind.

I hope you will enjoy reading my Posts!!!


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