Thecrazydonny’s Guide to Melbourne!

Australia is a country (and continent) popular with Singaporeans and Malaysians, be it to go on holiday, study or live in. A prime example would be the city, Melbourne. Melbourne has been voted by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the most livable city for the 7th year in a row, and it houses prestigious Universities like the University of Melbourne and RMIT. It’s no surprise that Melbourne is a popular destination. Me, I was drawn by the allure of cafes, and the sheer desire for a holiday! After my first hellish semester in my second year of Polytechnic wrapped up, I hopped on a Singapore Airlines flight to the land down under for my first ever trip to Melbourne!


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The Big Cheese Review

Mac & Cheese, something I considered an important comfort food since young. It’s no surprise that it is a staple on children menus all across the world. When I was a child, Macaroni with Cheese was just Macaroni with Cheese, the question of whether it was good was irrelevant, they all tasted the same to me. Now, a tiny little restaurant opened in Sunshine Plaza, looking to serve that childhood favourite to the masses in a ‘fancy’ way.


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The Michelin Guide should roll away from Singapore.

(This column was written by me for a Continual Assessment back in mid-August, and it just comes full circle to the first article I wrote last year, Singapore’s own Michelin Star Fiasco of 2016Apologies for the sudden lack of content, I have been really busy with schoolwork, and I am once again, flying solo on my blog! I am still looking for writers to join me, click here if you are interested to find out more!)

The guide is in its 2nd edition, and I am still unconvinced by it, for the second time in a row. 

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Sumo Big Prawn Noodle Review

The world of hawker food in Singapore is only getting more and more interesting. Previously, people used to hunt for cheap and good food in hawker centres, but now, the order of business is to look for expensive and good food at eateries. This could just be a sign of the younger generation of hawkers using better quality ingredients and bringing more restaurant-style food into the industry. A stall leading the charge? The famous Sumo Big Prawn Noodle in Ang Mo Kio!


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Catch Beer & Batter Review

The area around Clarke Quay is full of nice places to eat and drink, with bars and restaurants lining the entire area. This area has a constant stream of human traffic coming in, but there are mostly tourists and Pokemon Go Trainers (myself included). On that very night, my family wanted to eat Burgers at the Butcher’s Club, but near the famous fountain (which is a Pokestop by the way), there is a little corner Restaurant that caught our attention called Catch.


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Mak’s Noodle Review

Wanton Mee is definitely a staple in Singapore’s food culture, with us serving our version, dry with black sauce, fried Wanton and Char Siew… When done right, it can be very good, but there are some people who very much prefer the Pontian version which is very similar. But, in terms of the origin of Wanton noodle, Hong Kong would take most of the credit, with their soupy version with classic ingredients of Dumplings and Beef Brisket.


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Sandbank Restaurant Review

East Coast Park, a place that you can do plenty of things, for example, you can run, cycle, fish, waterski, take a dip in the sea and have a Barbecue to say the least. But, in terms of dining options, most people would only think of the East Coast Lagoon Food Village and the Chinese Seafood restaurants like Jumbo and Long House. Well, a relatively new group of western Bars and Restaurants located mostly around the Parkland Green area are here to give the area a bit of a freshen up. The one I visited, is called Sandbank, whose motto is Eat, Drink, Plunge!


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